How An Escort Can Become Your Best Friend

Learn the best and correct conduct when you are dealing with your escort whom you want to make your best friend. In this article, we shall discuss what and what not to do if you want your escort to become your best friend.

Research all about her

Research whether she has a site or not, whether she has ads, does she have reviews, but you have to understand some of the escorts don’t like being followed or reviewed. Search her name and mobile number or even the email before you decide to contact her. This will help you to know your escort better and what she hates and like most. When you contact her provides all that she will request from you, this will make her trust you more.

Be on time

When you are meeting, always be on time. Or if you will make it on time let her know by calling her. And always pay for the time you have missed this will make her not to feel that she had wasted her time waiting for you. If you were to meet for only one hour, don’t overstay respect your escort time and also her schedule. But if you need more time, always requests her and pay her at a rate you had discussed before.

Escorts are real people too

Be respectful, be nice, and treat her like a lady. Always remember she is a person, don’t intimidate her, and you should not feel superior to her. She is there to provide a service for you, not for you to treat her badly.

Pay attention

Always try to understand her cues. You have to know she is a lady with real dislikes and likes. Know that not every lady wants to be told dirty things, or even smash cuddled post-coitus. But remember some ladies love it though.

Tip her

It is good to tip her. It doesn’t matter the amount of the tip you will offer to her, but it is good always to tip your escort unless your escort was terrible. Tipping your escort make her feel better and know that you liked her a lot, and also you respect her effort and time. This will always make her motivated when you want to meet her again. And even if you go for a twofer, tip your escort extra well.

By doing all this to your escort, be sure that she will end up liking you and eventually become one of your greatest friends and you will be one of her favorite clients.

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